Intuit Product Management Case Competition


Having just completed the UX Design bootcamp at General Assembly, I was eager to apply what I had learned as I began the first quarter of my senior year. Considering the fact that first few weeks of the quarter are usually laid-back, I wanted to take on new opportunities or start a side-project. I have done my share of internships and extra‐curricular activities, but they had clear instructions, descriptions, and paths to success outlined for me. That was when I found out about the Product Management Case Competition, organized by Intuit. Around the same time, Kevin Qian, a friend of mine, kindly asked me if I wanted to form a group with his friend, Derek Hu. Kevin and Derek are both CS majors, and Kevin is a double major in Finance. I’ve always wanted to work on interesting projects with engineers, but never had the opportunity to, so I immediately accepted the generous invite. 

Side note: I strongly believe that schools should create more opportunities for students to work in cross-functional teams on projects, under ambiguity and freedom. Too many business students say they want to go into a startup without having ever written a single line of code or worked with engineers. Similarly, too many school projects seem to be done for the sake of doing group projects.

The Challenge

The case competition organized by Intuit had only one simple instruction:

Design an app that helps Quickbooks users in some aspect of their work.

We had to submit a presentation in PDF format in exactly one week, which would then be used to assess the degree of our success. In undertaking this case competition, we had two big challenges. The first was: How can we empathize with users on tools we’ve never used, from perspectives we’ve never seen through? Needless to say, none of us have used Quickbooks, nor owned businesses before. Our second challenge was: How can we align our visions on what we are trying to solve, for whom we are solving for, how we are going to solve it, and the overarching objective we hope to achieve? The competition started on the Friday of the first week of the quarter, which meant that realistically we only had Friday through Sunday to complete the majority of our deliverable ‐ time was not on our side.


The slideshow below was our final submission, along with our prototype, which I designed.


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